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The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel
14501 Levan Road
Livonia, Michigan 48150
Wayne County
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Construction: 1936-1936

Architect: Maguolo & Quick of St. Louis, Inc.

Architect’s City: St. Louis, MO

Date of Alterations: 1961

Architect of Alterations: Maguolo & Quick of St. Louis, Inc.

Number of Pictorial Windows: 37

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 2

Floor Plan Sketch: Download

Building Notes: Information based on documents in the Felician Sisters archives in the Welcoming Center at Madonna University.
This building serves as the chapel for the Felician Sisters Mother House. The cornerstone was laid in 1935, and construction was complete in 1936. By 1944 most of the stained glass windows were in place. Construction of the Chapel was not completed until 1961. This cruciform shaped chapel, in the Lombardy North Italian style, is 42 feet wide and 200 feet long. It was built with light pink bricks, trim in Indiana limestone, and a roof of coral tile. A distinguishing feature is the cupola rising above the sanctuary.

An Alteration occurred in 1961, the Sanctuary was renovated. Work done by the same company that did the Chapel --- Maguola & Quick of St Louis. Lelio de Ranieri of the De Ranieri Studios of Detroit was hired as the artistic designer for the project.

In the archive for the Felician Sisters, located in the Madonna University Welcome Center, is this document that provides the identity of all of the symbols used on the windows in the Public, Felician Sisters, and Transept sections of the Chapel. This is a list of those that wrote the various sections of that document.
The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel
MSGC: 23.0003

Census Coordinator:
Michael Surdyk

Studio Name
Emil Frei Associates, Inc.
Zettler (F. X.) Studios

Titles of the Virgin Mary in the Litany of Loreto #1
Titles of the Virgin Mary in the Litany of Loreto #2
Passion Symbols
The Four Gospel Writers, and The Four Cardinal Virtues
Felician Sisters Crest
Te Deum
Seasons of the Church
The Mysteries of the Rosary Part 2
The Mysteries of the Rosary Part 1
The Seven Sacraments
The Eucharist Part 1
The Eucharist Part 2
The Beatitudes Part 1
The Beatitudes Part 2
The Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy
The Trinity
The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy
The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Old Testament Prefigurations of Jesus
Objects Used in the Church and for Special Devotions
The Three Theological Virtues and The Three Vows taken by the Felician Sisters
Arts and Sciences
Praise the Lord
The Nine Choirs of Angels
Apostles Matthew, Peter, and John
Apostles James Minor, Matthias, and Thomas
Apostles Bartholomew, Andrew, And Philip
Apostles Simon, Thaddeus, James Major
Mary Queen of Heaven