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St. John Armenian Church
Armenian Apostolic
22001 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, Michigan
Oakland County
Web Address:


Date Built: 1966

Architect: Suren Pilaphian

Architect’s City: Detroit

Number of Pictorial Windows: 25

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 16

Floor Plan Sketch: Download

Building Notes: Brief Statement by the Architect: 
Saint John Armenian Church was designed as a monument to the timeless qualities of the Armenian religion and to the noteworthy cultural contributions of its people's ancestry. It reflects the achievements of Armenian builders during the millennium preceding the fourteenth century --- during which period their religious reverence, devotion, and ferver prompted them to build five thousand Christian churches in the small corner of the world called Armenia --- churches which may have distinct and remarkable architecture, engineering and artistic features and characteristics.
St. John Armenian Church
MSGC: 21.0001

Census Coordinator:
Michael Surdyk

Studio Name
Loire (Gabriel) Studios

Saint Gregory the Illuminator
Saint Mesrob
Saint Bartholomew
Saint Paul
Saint Matthew
Saint Philip
Saint James the Son of Alphaesus
Saint Thomas
Saint Matthias
Saint Simon
Saint James the son of Zebedee
Saint Andrew
Saint John
Saint Peter
Saint Jude
Saint Sahag
Decorative Type 17 panel A
Decorative Type 17 panel B
Decorative Type 18 panel A
Decorative Type 18 panel B
The Armenian Cross
Decorative Narthex Windows