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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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First English Evangelical Lutheran Church
800 Vernier Road
Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan 48236
Wayne County
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Date Built: 1957

Architect: Merritt, Cole and McCallum

Architect’s City: Farmington, MI

Archival Sources: 100th Anniversary Celebration Booklet

Building Notes: No. pictorial windows: unclear from info on Form A. Non-pictorial: unclear

Window of the Month October 2006
MSGC: 1997.0063

Census Coordinator:
Marti Miller

Studio Name
Willet Hauser Architectural Glass

Our Callings
The Holy Trinity
The Church in History
The Church in History
The Apostolic Church
The Resurrection of Christ
The Passion of Christ
Bridal Lounge
Bridal Lounge
The Twelve Apostles
Music in the Church
The Praise of God
Children's Crying Room
Children's Crying Room
Life of Christ
Ministry to Men
The Old Testament
The Consummation
Our Callings