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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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First Presbyterian Church Brighton
300 East Grand River Avenue
Brighton, Michigan 48116
Livingston County
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Date Built: 1989

Number of Pictorial Windows: 15

Number of Non-pictorial Windows: 1

Building Notes: First Presbyterian Church Brighton was constructed with great care to match the architecture, brick and window styling of the original Sanctuary (NOSH). It features a 54 foot high peak with crossbeams and vaulted ceilings. The 21 rank organ and many hard surfaces of slate and oak give this building wonderfully resonant acoustics. Stained glass enhances the Gothic style.

Stained glass was used as early as the fourth century to decorate the windows of the churches. Perfection of the techniques was gradual, with the greatest advances during the tenth and eleventh centuries. The stained glass window may be said to be the hallmark of the Gothic style.

The stained glass windows were designed by Omnibus Studios in Okemos. Dick Hanley is the director of Omnibus, and our own Scott Arnold assisted in the project.

Cam McConnell, who was pastor at the time, created themes for the stained glass windows. He would choose Scriptures, as well as individuals, and Dick Hanley would do the images. The same technique used in European cathedrals was used in the creation of the windows. The glass would be painted, put in a kiln and fired at 1300 degrees. This would fuse the paint to the glass. Throughout the windows there are floral and vegetation symbols that are also typical in European cathedrals of the 14th and 15th centuries.

The descriptions of the windows will start at the “Preaching Window”, first window on the left at rear of the Sanctuary. The tour will move clockwise, then to the Narthex and ending with the “Apostles’ Window” (Rose Window) at the rear of the church in the choir loft.

MSGC: 20.0003

Census Coordinator:
Doug Becker

Studio Name
Omnibus Studios

Preaching Window
Nativity Window
Children's Window
Presbyterian Window
Old Testament Window
Christ Window
New Testament Window
Government Window
Servant Window
Building Houses of Worship
Family Window
Praise Him with string and pipe
Bach and Handel
Sing to God a new song
Apostles' Window