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Our Lady of Grace, Dearborn Heights, Michigan

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St. John's Seminary
conference center / chapel / former seminary
44011 Five Mile Road
Plymouth, Michigan 48170
Wayne County
Web Address:


Building Notes: Building data form A not submitted. The seminary was closed in 1988 and is now open as St. John's Golf & Conference Center.

Window of the Month February 2006
Window of the Month February 2007
St. John's Seminary
MSGC: 1994.0067

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Images on CD by Barbara Krueger

Artist Name:
Margaret Bouchez Cavanaugh

Studio Name
Detroit Stained Glass Works, The

St. Augustine
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. Mattias
Holy Mary, Mother of God
Virgin of Virgins
St. Simon Zelotes
Mother of Christ
Mother of Divine Grace
St. Jude Thaddeus
Mother Most Pure
Mother Most Chaste
St. James the Less
Mother Inviolate
Mother Undefiled
St. Matthew
Mother Most Amiable
Mother Most Admirable
St. Thomas
Mother of Good Counsel
Mother of Our Creator
St. Bartholomew
Mother of Our Savior
Virgin Most Prudent
St. Philip
Virgin Most Venerable
Virgin Most Renowned
St. John the Evangelist
Virgin Most Powerful
Virgin Most Merciful
St. James the Greater
Virgin Most Faithful
Mirror of Justice
St. Andrew
Seat of Wisdom
Cause of Our Joy
St. Peter
Spiritual Vessel
Vessel of Honor
Presentation in the Temple
Finding Jesus in the Temple
The Agony in the Garden
Scourging the Pillar
Crowing With Thorns
Carrying the Cross
Jesus Dies on the Cross
The Resuurection
The Ascension
Descent of the Holy Spirit
The Assumption
Coronation of Mary
St.Dominic Champion of the Rosary
The Bishop Ordains
Singular Vessel of Devotion
Mystical Rose
The Bishop Confirms
Tower of David
Tower of Ivory
The Priest Celebrates Mass
House of Gold
Ark of Covenant
The Priest
Gate of Heaven
Morning Star
The Deacon
Health of the Sick
Refuge of Sinners
The Deacon Reads the Gospel
Comforter of the Afflicted
Help of Christmas
The Subdeacon
Queen of Angels
Queen of Patriarchs
The Acolyte
Queen of Prophets
Queen of Apostles
Queen of Martyrs
Queen of Confessors
The Lector
Queen of Virgins
Queen of All Saints
The Porter
Queen Conceived Without Original Sin
Queen Assumed Into Heaven
The Cleric
Queen of the Holy Rosary
Queen of Peace
St. Francis Xavier
St. Therese of Lisieux
Bishop Frederic Baraga
Fr. Gabriel Richard
Parish Priest Teaching Catechism
Pope St. Pius X
Priest Giving Communion
The Exorcist